What is for me the love? Today I have wanted to fall in love

Good morning girls inperfect.us!
Today I’ll leave you here a letter that I found on the internet Blog upsocl
Lately I’m having many conversations with friends who have relationships or some friends who want to find a boyfriend. And often they date with men who do not deserve them. And I always said to my friends that, all women deserve a healthy love.
And we should not settle for a half-love. We deserve a great love story.
So do not settle and move on looking for your big love story!



“Today I have wanted to fall in love, but fall in love with truth, not half, not a bit; rather I have wanted to be madly in love with someone, I feel that there is no one else for me, walking down the street singing and just smiling because I carry it in my mind, I want to be bombarded by thousands of memories of my special someone and me. I’ve known that feeling and I’ve already cried for him. And although the risk is great again, today I want to again fall in love with someone, it, my special person, my boyfriend crazy future and love. ”

“I want to feel those butterflies in my stomach at the sight. I want to find a twinkle in his eyes watching each discover it and receive a smile every caught doing it; want to feel anxious each he takes my hand, never wanting to let go and know that he wants the same. ”

“I want and deserve a story of mad, passionate love, want to receive a bouquet of roses just because, although he will bring sunflowers because he knows I like rare things; I want to be with someone who is creative in our quotations, an invitation to dinner every night or just a movie at home; a message with a I love you in the morning or at night rests love. I want a hug everything will be fine, I want a coffee in the morning and night of long talks, want an evening stroll and read a book with him. I want to build a future next to someone who wants one with me. ”

“I want to be with someone who can not imagine a life without me, someone who is intelligent and admirable, but is humble enough to admire my strengths as well. strong and courageous someone to help me overcome my fears, but can also support yours and let me help you overcome them. ”

“I want someone to be happy with my smile, you want to find a way to be the cause of their appearance on my face every day, you want to surprise someone spontaneous and allow me to catch him. Someone who wants to make me happy, someone who would expect a lot and do not ask me not to expect much. ”

“Okay if not so brave and afraid of heights, I am with him when he has to deal with them; It is also good but you can invite me to dinner every day, evening talks and the food at home is better; I do not care if I have to stop wearing heels because it is not so high, walk beside him is better than a pair of shoes. It’s okay if you can not be with me every day, I miss you message or a call to help bridge the gap. “

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