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Good Morning,

Now I’m back! First, ask you for forgiveness for taking so long to return a few months … have been many changes and a lot of work and is costing me catch up and lead a routine. In the end I am a girl a little #inperfect.us 😉 hehe. But gradually it seems that everything is going orderly and fitting the pieces of the puzzle!

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Spring good morning, how you carry the week? It’s Friday! I must confess that when I started the week never thought this day would come! All who follow me in isntagram (sarabarriuso) already know that last weekend have been traveling with my friends on the beach. It was hard, to be on the beach, sun, and then back home with rain and a lot of work office to do! Very hard … but I console myself thinking in the next trip;)

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Estilo de vida

I’m in love with breakfast

How about your Easter holidays? My holidays have been great and like all good things have happened so fast! Some of my friends came to visit me and I have taught my city Burgos. On the other hand, as a small town girl I am, of course I’ve been in my town, Cilleruelo de Arriba and coming back to see family and friends that we only found in these festivals, summer or village festivals.

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