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¿Qué es lo que quieres hacer, realmente, en tu vida?


Buenos días!

Hoy os voy a plasmar una reflexión, el otro día en una película escuche esta pregunta:

¿Qué quieres ser en tu vida? ¿Qué quieres hacer en tu vida, realmente?

Y me di cuenta que esta pregunta, sencilla a simple vista, no es sencilla de responder ni fácil.

También me di cuenta que la mayoría de la gente pasa por la vida sin permitirse parar y hacerse esta reflexión.

Pero ¿Por qué se hace tan difícil plantearnos esta pregunta?

1º Por que hace falta coraje. Si, coraje! Mucho coraje para frenar tu rutina, tu día a día y pararte a pensar que es lo que realmente quieres en tu vida.

Que es lo que quieres ser, de verdad, desde la libertad. No desde los convencionalismos o las casillas o desde el que: “lo que debes de ser”.

Qué es lo que realmente quieres hacer TU en tu vida para que sea única y aportes algo en este mundo.

Hace falta coraje por que puede que implique romper con lo que estas haciendo hasta ahora, romper con amigos, pareja, trabajo, lugar donde vives… Romper para crear tu vida que es única e irrepetible. Y ahora… ¿Crees que tienes el coraje?

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What is for me the love? Today I have wanted to fall in love


Good morning girls inperfect.us!
Today I’ll leave you here a letter that I found on the internet Blog upsocl
Lately I’m having many conversations with friends who have relationships or some friends who want to find a boyfriend. And often they date with men who do not deserve them. And I always said to my friends that, all women deserve a healthy love.
And we should not settle for a half-love. We deserve a great love story.
So do not settle and move on looking for your big love story!

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Kandinsky: A retrospective


Hello independent women!
How’s your week? Mine is going very well, this 2016 is full of very exciting projects that I’ll be telling  here gradually.

This 2016 I started working hard so that these projects can see the light and come out ahead. Sometimes seems like you are waiting a lifetime for something to happen and suddenly appears in your life. I guess that the things appear when you are prepared to receive them, right?

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Inperfectus (40)

Good Morning,

Now I’m back! First, ask you for forgiveness for taking so long to return a few months … have been many changes and a lot of work and is costing me catch up and lead a routine. In the end I am a girl a little #inperfect.us 😉 hehe. But gradually it seems that everything is going orderly and fitting the pieces of the puzzle!

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Spring good morning, how you carry the week? It’s Friday! I must confess that when I started the week never thought this day would come! All who follow me in isntagram (sarabarriuso) already know that last weekend have been traveling with my friends on the beach. It was hard, to be on the beach, sun, and then back home with rain and a lot of work office to do! Very hard … but I console myself thinking in the next trip;)

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